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E B EEB & Community Unity Hour W/ General Bruce>37 min

Peace General Bruce's "first" attempt to put some teeth into the media.
"Meet the Press" w/ sublitles and 1 video retraction.
Stay tuned they will get better. 35min
Columbus,Ohio,USA. Comfest 2007 was the starting point for an Anti-War protest led by the Arawak City SDS. We took to the streets after ... all » gaining some support marching through Comfest 2007 and ended the march on Park St. The Columbus police gave us the same pepper spray treatment they used at Latino Fest. (50 feet from the end of the march.) I hear they regularly use pepper spray on Park St. to clear the streets when the bars close on citizens "loitering" on an Amerikan Street. WHO's STREETS, OUR STREETS! 5min

Peace General Bruce takes 15 minutes out of your day to ask for funding for this very important Peace Army ministry with multipule battle fronts. Thank You for taking the time and Please Give! God Bless You!!! 17min

Peace General Bruce, reads Psalm 45 by the banks of the Olentangy for the benifit of the Saints.7-9-07 3min

Victorians Midnight Cafe, Columbus, Ohio USA has long been a hotbed of progressive culture. They celibrated their 10th Aniversary with a weekend blowout culminating with a Fathers Day Political gala. 6-17-07 44min

A few of us gathered at our DEAR FRIEND Connies house. Speaking freely of peace , life and friendship.

"Amazing Grace" The Columbus Police and Fire Pipes and Drums played for a happy crowd at the 2007 Comfest. 6-23-07 3min

Robert Hill was at the Federal Court House in Covington Kentucky protesting the war in Iraq and the mistreatment of foriegn nationals by KBR and Halliburton.7-3-07 19min

Karls friend Mike Cook is being held for psyciatric reasons because he believes 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB.7-3-07 5min
Comfest Anti-War Protest 6-23-07 25min

Victorians Midnight Cafe, Columbus, Ohio USA has long been a hotbed of progressive culture. They celibrated their 10th Aniversary with a weekend blowout culminating with a Fathers Day Political gala. 6-17-07 44min  
Peace General Bruce kicks off "The Summer of Truth" on 6-2-07 at the
Hempfest on the campus of THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY in Columbus, Ohio, USA.       TAKE BACK THE PLANET

Ohio Patient Action Network;'s Executive Director, Brandy Zink Speaks out at the Ohio Hempfest June 2, 2007.
Visit our website and ask your representatives to protect medical cannabis patients, their caregivers, and doctors from arrest and prosecution.  Ohio's sick, ill, injured and dying need protection NOW
4min was in the Powell, Ohio, USA Memorial Day Parade 5-28-07. We were just behind a High School Band playing "God Bless America" and just ahead of a Girl Scout Troop.

Columbus chapter "World Can't Wait" organizer Steve Vargo featured on Action 19 news at KSU 5-7-07

Impeach Bush Summer began with a vigal at Broadway and High, Jessie at the women of Faith conference and the Columbus911truth squad on the Ohio State Campus.Spring 07 3min

Kyle B tells his story of how he became a quadriplegic and his hopes for the future. Kyle is a Leutenant in the Peace Army for Mental Health and a very good friend. He hopes for a degree in social work that only requires a keen mind and a big heart, both of which Kyle has. I met Kyle by working nights at his residence.

Sunday morning at White Castle with Dave and the Crew.Every Sunday morning people gather at White Castle for coffee and conversation. Today the regulars like Habib and Glen contributed to the interesting discusion. Frank M and I stop in before church many Sundays for coffee and a snack. The non-smoking rules have put a crimp in our style but not detered us from taking part 6-10-07

Frank K tells a bit of his story with mentall illness. I have known Frank K since 3rd grade as well as his sister being my sisters age. I had seen him on High St and started picking him up in January 07. He is a real nice guy and a Corparol in the Peace Army for Mental Health. Spring 07 16min
Frank and I met his brother John and his Girlfriend Carol at a rest area Half way between Akron and Columbus for the first picnic of the Summer for any of us.6-10-07 13min

Memorial Sunday an "Appeal to our Elected Leaders" in Columbus, Ohio, USA people gathered at the State House in support of the soldiers who signed the Appeal for an immediate withdrawl from Iraq.5-27-07 12min

"A year in a day" Earth Day action 4-21-07

Global Warming Awarness Action

Peace Walker, MARK CREEKWATER's visit to Columbus provided an occasion for some Peace & Justice activists to put on a show. A GREAT TIME!!! 4-2-07 30min

Mental Health web page greeting>Peace General Bruce goes on a picnic with Frank K and Frank M and states the Jist of Peace Army Mental Health.5min

First Responders benifit and for 911colateral victims. Springfield Ohio...
Spring 07 17min

The forth anniversary of the war in Iraq provided a formate for many Patriots to voice their opposition. ...911 truth will end this WAR 3-17-07 30min

Little Brothers on the 4th Anniversary of the WAR in IRAQ.Little Brothers on High street in Columbus, Ohio was the scene for many anti-war activists. Technical dificulties prevented the Queen of Hearts opening and Peace General Bruce's Dedication from being recorded. 2-18-07

Chris Stentz sings "A Prayer for Strenght." Follow the link on the right of the screen for an important message.

After the 4th Anniversary of the Iraq war protest we got together and shot a human intrest story. A few of us gathered at our DEAR FRIEND Connies house. Speaking freely of peace, life and friendship. 2-17-07 6min

The forth anniversary of the war in Iraq provided a formate for many Patriots to voice their opposition. I was asked to not speak about 911 if I were to use the Central Ohio Peace Network bull horn. I pretended I did and led with, "We're up against some pretty evil people....PG Bruce

Representitive Dan Stewart Speaks at Victorians Midnight Cafe about saving Progressive Radio, Spring07 7min

What is our children learning, Victoria Parks sang at tthe "Save Progessive Radio Benifit" held at Victorians Midnight Cafe in Columbus, Ohio, USA in the early early spring of 07. Victoria is a fine patriot and a great singer who has a way with angry sarcasim. A good time was had by all. "Victrola Parks" sings to help soccer moms deal with to poor example that is President Bush. By Victoria Parks

W begins with duh, Victoria Parks sang at tthe "Save Progessive Radio Benifit" held at Victorians Midnight Cafe in Columbus, Ohio, USA in the early early spring of 07. Victoria is a fine patriot and a great singer who has a way with angry sarcasim. A good time was had by all.

Roots Camp, as hosted by Progress Ohio was the reason for Peace Army for Mental Health Intro by Peace General Bruce.

Peace General Bruce gets Political @ "Roots Camp"

Intro to Peace Army done by Frank K

A Rally the day Air America was taken off the "Peoples Air" the same days Dems "Took over Govt." 1-08-07 34min

Up to 150 gathered @ The State House to show Support for Progressive Radio! 1-8-07 6min

Frank M close to Christmas. I made my traditional holiday favorite cranberry jello mold. Frank M and I have kept each other company untold hours over the years as I worked on my Peace Army Book and now on the web site. I picked him up early and took him back to the resthome late. We both LoVe Jesus and people. "People, people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world." Thanksgiving 06 33min

These are videos I recomend but didn't produce!

MLK jr "We Shall Overcome" =

Great video Bruce, thanks! What a great speech, I'm gonna have to get the text of that.

Here's a video that I've always enjoyed, made from a manifesto put out by a (then newly launched) website,, which caters to the more spiritual side of activism and wellness:

On another note, here's video of Bowman's Patriot Tour speech in Portland, to get an idea of how his Thursday presentation will go:

Folks, This video is a BETTER example of the trickery refered to by this letter sent to me, in my opinion>>>  Follow the youtube trail for THE TRUTH>>>Notice where the nose of the Aluminum plane goes all the way through the building...PG Bruce

9/11/01 Homeland Security Office Already Existed


Hand Counting Ballots in NH: WIlton (HCBNH)

Satellite Agencies Role in 9/11 Attack Video: Plane Crash Drill 9/11 Smoking Gun
Fred Israel

MLK jr "We Shall Overcome" =

This email is brought to you by the Illegal Occupation of Iraq, which also brings you: the death of an Iraqi every 10 minutes, the death of a U.S. soldier every 10 hours, and spends $2 billion every 10 days.

The world can't wait. Impeach the terrorists. Take back our country. Investigate 9/11. The Truth WILL end this war!

How To Create An Angry American
6 Minute Video
Are you Angry? So what are you going to do about it?

All things work for good to those who LoVe the Lord... I'm not making this up, this video just came to me, that will show how "9/11 Truth will end war"

Who fired an entire army of
well trained, well armed professional
killers and left them on the
streets with no means of supporting
themselves or their families?

The answer to why Iraq suffering
from chaos is here:

Public speech by Alfred Webre on the subject of: War Crimes, Haarp, Chemtrails, Depleted Uranium, 9/11, North American Union, Depopulation ... all » and the Citizens War Crimes Justice Movement. Taped at "The Knowledge Exchange" in New Westminster BC. Canada May 5th, 2007.

Working class hero: John Lennon : 3 Minute Video:
First You Must Learn How To Smile As You Kill - "A working class hero is something to be"  
Subject: Brasscheck TV: Poisoning Paradise


Brasscheck TV viewers know the dangers of
depleted uranium.

...And the fact that millions of
pounds of these "dirty bomb" weapons
have been used in Yugoslavia, Iraq and

Less well known, but not unexpected
in a country gone mad, is the fact
that the US uses these dangerous rounds
within its own borders for target

At least that's what all the evidence
points to. The military is characteristically
mute on the subject.


- Brasscheck

Shocking and convincing new evidence of
video image manipulation of what was
supposed to be "live" footage on 9/11:

Are there American values besides the greed
and arrogance projected but its so called

If so, who speaks for American values

Break Dancin Toddler

Dem vs Rep Voting scores

911 time line

Reverend Billy and CODEPINK thank Russ Feingold

Treadmill dance


It there are any Neil Young fans out is something worth you can listen while cruising the goes on for quite awhile..Marie

You've got to see this Pentagon Strike

911=Inside Job !!!
It's the worlds largest currant murder mystery!!!
I'm on the edge of my SEAT !!!
Voting Iregularitys

1.96 Billion + in Gold is missing
Wall street investigation records

Put options

This is the cutting edge of Anti-War Extremism.

This is the Redpeacecross Peace Army effort at 911 TRUTH

My site features this Video

This is a little long, but exceptionally well done.  Very informative.  Highly recommended.

Subject: Brilliant 90 mins on WTC demolitions

911 Mysteries

These are the People who made the video.

Blessings and PEACE to us all.

The terrorists are mostly in DC, NYC and their MINDS.
PNAC's "Pee Knacks"

Do your bit and pass this on, They can't arrest us ALL!
Talk about it, spread the news, get active!
I only Know so many people, Please Spread the word.

A Video of 2:14min on 911 truth denial>>>

First 26 minutes of 911

Title: Media Turns on Bush
Personal Message:
How True!

Rappin 911 Truth Video, 6minutes

Cbusimc Video of Columbus, Oh 1-27-07

CNN Video of DC Peace Rally 1-27-07

Peace Train Stop in Iran!

This will make your day!
Another World Is Possible

Boston 911 Truth Tea Party, Barbara Henegger 16 minutes Post-PNAC World

Jim Marrs: 9/11 Truth in 10 Minutes

PNAC William Kristol heckled in Austin Texas.
try this link:

2004 Election Results Questioned

Please Click on the below website and watch this video on "Blackwater".  Turn on your sound.  This is the US secret mercenary military that we are all funding.  Oh yea, they didn't ask us if we wanted to fund it, and they will not tell the Congress what they are doing.

A special was done on "Fresh Air" on March 19th, 2007 on National Public Radio about this also.

Congress recently held hearings on the four men that worked for Blackwater and were killed in Fallujah, Iraq.  

Please help educate your fellow Americans as to what is being done in our names, and yet we have been left blind to it.  These mercenaries were also sent into New Orleans, and they are looking at using them further in the event of US disasters.  This is a disaster.

Bless us all, and work for positive change,

9/11 Truth: Even More Video Proof of Controlled Demolitions
My Personal Therapy includes reminding my self that it "Was an INSIDE JOB" and to keep pushing the true wakeup call.

Hear Gov. Petaki say the concreate was pulverized into a dust mat 2-3 inches thick covering all of Lower Manhatten from river to river.

Power Downs to plant explosives

Up Close and Personal

World Trade Center -- Controlled Demolition
Produced by a Brave Messenger

Bush and Couric Discuss War on Terror and Iraq

Great Comic Relief / in a war on terror, dark sort of way

Great photos supporting the Disintegration gun theory

Hannidy and Colmes, Professor Barrett on 9/11

Subject: Brasscheck TV: Remembering Malcom Luther King
April 4th marks the 39th anniversary of the
assassination of Martin Luther King.
Who killed King and why?

How many journalists attended this trial
and reported on it?


Here are the facts:


Every now and then a little bit of truth
slips out on US TV.

Yesterday, comedian and actress Rosie O'Donnell
let loose with a torrent of truth.
There may be some hope for America yet.
Thank you Rosie. You are a hero.

Black Sabbath/ War Pigs @ Bohemian Grove

Rainbow Family Peaceably Schools Police, Dissolves Roadblock

If you're having trouble watching the video, try copying the following URL into your browser:

What George W. Bush Really Did At Emma E. Booker
My thoughts are WHO is running things, next video also asks that

Bush out of touch on 911

This evidence is "Angry, Sad and Spiritual all over agian" they say. A climate controlled room, W/ last removed piece. Meteorite born of intence heat, 4 storys exposed to heat "as great as the center of the earth". "Incinerated Ambulance"
Less than 1% of wreakage will be on display "as soon as a museum can be built". I saw another piece where Keith Oberman is railing the PRES. about a memorial not being created YET, 5 years hence.

PLEASE see below video to know why HATE SPEECH is so objectionable.
Use This Link for below displayed video because it's Link has been removed. The page is blank while loading and patience is rewarded.

"Those who have the privatage to know, have the responsibility to act."

Here is the link to the news reports from the BBC. All that we can do is educate everyone with kindness and concern about our world at large.  We cannot yell and get upset about it.  We must be calm and inform everyone who has the ears to hear to inspire them to bring about a change in the paradigm

Building 7 was in the back ground in the TV while the report was being given about it's having collapsed.

WARNING: Pursuant to the USA / Patriot Act, passed by YOUR Congress
in 2001, which has now been extended indefinitely, all electronic
transmissions are now being read by federal and state law enforcement
agencies. So, don't forget the Miranda warnings: "ANYTHING you say (
type ) can and will be..." when sending e-mail because NONE ARE
PRIVATE since the passage of the tyrannical and potentially
oppressive, unconstitutional, anti-American, anti-free speech,
anti-civil liberties U.S.A. / P.A.T.R.I.O. T. law - a.k.a. the
"Useless State sponsored Action Purporting to Attack Terror while
Really Initiating an Oligarchic Takeover" law.